Monday 14 October 2019

Group 8

This essay explores how narrative can shift depending on different perspectives and narrative structure. Our goal was to make experimental work on how important the perspective and post-production work are to a viewer. For example how music can shift tone of video completely even put to contrast with what is happening on the screen.

An audiovisual essay concerning the central character of Dr.Mabuse (1922), after whom the movie is named. In the film, Dr.Mabuse takes on many roles, many personalities so it seems. In the essay we are concerned with who or what this man or figure really is. Is his true identity somewhere hidden behind his masks? … Or is he perhaps more than just a single character? We suggest that he symbolizes far more than just a psychopathic psychologist; rather he seems to impersonate the very evil of humankind itself - but let’s start, and see how he depicts the seven deadly sins…

Chaotic world of Daisies is reflected in the following video and its format. The result is collage-like visual work with original voice-over that tries to analyze main motifs and characters.

Group members: Karolina Hostovsk√°, Gabriela Tomisov√° , Laura Mikolajczak, Rene Rumpold

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