Monday 14 October 2019

Group 2

Two families on their way to California to find the American Dream of their times - work and new beginnings or beauty and fame. Will they find it?

It almost feels wrong to label the movie "Victoria" (2015) as a romance as it is so much more than that. Is it a thriller? Is it a drama? Is it a love story? Somehow it is all of the aforementioned things and yet it is something entirely unique, making it difficult to put it in a genre drawer. In spite of all the different facets this movie presents, the following video will analyze the theme of love in "Victoria" and how love is presented in it. Watch how the protagonist Victoria rambles through the streets of Berlin and ends up with a night to remember.

Group members: Bretislav IndrĂ¡k, Kristina Slaveykova, Geesa Krieg, Maximilian Winter

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