Monday 14 October 2019

Group 4

Imagine you follow a young and confused man through the city of Berlin - for one day. What will you witness and what will you take away from this experience? Too often people forget how important details can be, and that a focus on them can change or mean more than any attempt to grasp „the big picture of life“. In our work on the movie „oh boy“, we wanted to get to the bottom of his struggles by looking at his seemingly small choices of everyday life. The significance of them can have a greater impact than you might think…

Watching a Wes Anderson movie is a special experience. His style of directing and producing moving pictures is almost like stepping out of reality and into another world. Having that in mind, this short introduction about his work and the stylistic devices he uses, invites the viewer to experience the „andersonness“ of his work in an intense and short way.

Group members: Stefan Kaleta, Vanessa Nagel, Flora Dinter

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